Orlando 10th to the 12th January

Well, what can I say?!? This place is amazing, to save time I think I'll do this post in pictures and only comment when needed...

Hotel room welcome

Downtown Disney, Loved it!

I made a Disney Potato Head, so cool :)

Star Wars Potato Heads

11th January - the Magic Kingdom

The Castle


Clint found his favourite kinda chair

The parade

Very enthused!

Monsters Inc - my favourite !

Castle pictures and performances

The night show

That's it! Onto Vegas tonight, can't wait!!! Take care, xxx Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Anonymous said...

Looks Amazing Raquel! I Wish I was there too! Clinton is a crack up! He looks so unimpressed by his surroundings lol! I Hope you are both having an amazing time! Stay Safe & Happy. Love You Heaps A.Rhonda xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great & weather looks warm down there. Im sure that you had a great time at disneyworld. Keep enjoying your trip. Love Grandma.xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi again you two,wow T shirts on guess it's warmer! Every picture tells a story that my boy just like his Mum everybody knows when we have had enough.Ha Ha !!!!!!!Keep on living your dreams Take care Loves yas Margie xxxxxxx