WOW! Where has the last month gone!?!

I really can't believe how quickly time is going lately. I only feel like my little Charlotte Ruby was born a couple of weeks ago. Today she was 7 weeks old, not far away from 2 months! Its already going too quick.

I had a play with my DSLR and photoshop and did a little photoshoot with her a couple of weeks ago. Heres a 2 pics from it (my faces), hopefully I will get to scrap them soon!

Isn't she just the most precious thing?

What else to add? Although I am not working as such, being a mum is def. a 24 hour job. I have not had time to do anything really lately that even resembles scrapping, though I sure will have plenty of photos to scrap when I'm ready and have the time.

Due to lack of time and because there is so much I want to document for Charlotte, I have decided to begin trying out the 'Project Life' style approach to scrapping (with the help from a good friend Michelle). Of course I will still scrap too! But not using just the official products, but mainly my scrapping stash.

I found this video which explains briefly the vision behind project life from the creator.

Here are some examples I found on Pinterest that I liked that use reg. scrapping supplies

And these by Kellie Winnell

You can visit her blog by clicking the following link....

Such a nice way to document the every, for me this means 7 weeks of Charlottes life to catch up on! I really need to get into that craft room of mine and sort it out, in the state it's in I have 'scrappers block' and won't be ok until it is better. And the photos are piling up, the evidence is in my instagram account here or you can access and check it out from my sidebar.

There are so many high expectations put on mothers with newborns, I am finding it all quite insane....questions like -  Are you breastfeeding? Are her feet cold? Is she hungry? Is she warm enough? are questions that I hear all the time, even from people I do not know. I have decided to take on board what people say, try not to be offended, and just keep doing what I think is right for us. And we are plodding along nicely, with a few stumbles along the way. Overanalysing things tends to make me stress and therefore not enjoy the amazing miracle I now have in my life. Things like breast feeding for instance, it is not coming quite so easily to me although I am trying 150% to make it work. The pressure of wanting to continue, feeling like I have to continue can get a bit much at times. Even though Charlotte is perfectly fine when she has either b/milk or formula.....A good question someone reminded me adults would be know who was breast fed and who was not? Sort of doesn't make me feel as bad.

Anyways, I also now have one of these babies

And it is still in it's box in my kitchen! Can't wait to get this out and play...after looking in the gallery at Studio Calico, I really think this machine could transform my scrapping, but for the better! The ideas are brimming :)

Anyways, my little kit club has its next sale Monday 22nd - this Monday coming. This is the kit:

I am so in love with this one, it is available here on Monday at 8pm (Melb time).

Until next time, (hopefully not as long between posts!)


Unknown said...

Charlotte is just gorgeous Raquel congrats to you and Clint. Don't put so much pressure on yourself, The saying that Mum know best is soooo true... Your instinct is always there to tell you what is the best thing for you as well as little Charlotte. As Mums we try soooo hard to be what others expect us to be and lose sight of what is really the most important thing... Just relax and enjoy every moment with Charlotte and if it happens to be that she has a bottle then so be it... If you are stressed it will not help your milk anyway... Happy Mum happy baby :)
Take care and she really is a beautiful little girl
Deb xo

Anonymous said...

she looks gorgeous! I have a cameo too - still in it's box while I do assignments. Take care of yourself and your gorgeous family and it will all be fine. xx

Ali said...

good to see you post on here raquel! ive totally embraced project life style scrapping this year - monthly recap posts using my own supplies, and then extra pages (project life style) or more traditional layouts also adorn my album. its so easy! even if i dont have time for details and embellishing, at least the photos are in an album!

youll love it!