Creating and loving it :)

I don't know if my recent scrapping mojo is an influence of this baby

Or my gorgeous new subject

But WHATEVER it is, I am loving it!

Lately, well throughout pregnancy anyway - I was finding it hard to scrap and be happy with the pages. Now, I am actually liking the pages I am doing.

Last night I spent an hour working on a page for the current Kraft it Up challenge, I always reach for Kraft as a base (my 'mojo layouts' have all been kraft - I think because it goes so well with my black cardstock silhouette cuts) so thought I may as well give a challenge a go :)

Here is a sneak to my creative mess - as the page isn't done yet, have to add the final touches

I love how instagram can make my bombsite of a desk look cute and airy fairy. In reality it looked like this

Yesterday was my first day wrapping presents for Christmas. So time consuming!

I chose this year a cool colour combo of typo papers

If you get a chance pop into a store and read the speech bubbles on the printed one! Slightly funny but definitely adults only content ha. I have to make sure Grandmas present doesn't get wrapped in that one!

I've been thinking more about doing Project Life in the new year. I think it will definitely be something I'll work on. But I'm trying to figure out if I should do both of the following:

- a project life album (weekly updates and documenting for the year) As well as traditional layouts throughout

- Charlotte's album - which will be a mix of everyday layouts and project life style ones.

My only question is- will I be able to find time to do all this? I'm incredibly behind (haven't started) officially documenting the pregnancy and Charlie's first 10 weeks of life. I don't want to set myself up to fail really.

Hmm something to think about!

A proper crafty share is coming very soon :)

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Chantal Vandenberg said...

Love your post! You are so right - instagram can make almost anything look cool! :D