Currently Creative...

 So today I am joining in with Kellie Winnell's 'Currently Creative' Blog post. 

Here is what you need to do:
Create a blog post, grab the badge at the top of this here blog post, sharing on your blog posts, link to this blog and link your blog post to the linky and share your "currently creative" What can that mean?  Exactly that, currently creative...
  • Your craft/creative area.
  • What you are currently working on.
  • What you current craft you have made.
  • Your creativity on your desk.

So here goes:

This is how I am currently creative ....


I am a traditional scrapper at heart but felt strongly about giving Project Life a go this year as there are so many special moments that I run out of time to scrapbook that end up undocumented so PL seemed the way to go. 

Only problem is I'm a scrapper at heart so I am treating each little 4x6 or 3x4 square as a scrapping page which equals this being time consuming. I will need to learn to simplify them a little I think. 

Here's a sneak - I'm nearly done but just missing the central journaling.

So, wanna join in too? Visit the underlined link to Kellie's blog at the top of this post to hop on board :)


Anonymous said...

Love your Project Life pics. Have fun creating.

Kimmy said...

It's not a mess. I'm sure you know where everything is. XD So it's an organized mess for you. That's how my messes are, the minute I straighten up I lose track of items and don't usually find it until after the fact. :/
Your PL layouts look great btw.

Tracy B said...

My desk is a mess too when I'm working on a project. Your PL is looking good!

Angel said...

I think no crafters workspace is ever neat hehe .. Give project life a go! I am doing it for the first year ;)

Kellie said...

No mess, more art in the making! Thank you so much for joining me this week :)