Scrapbooking Room Tour - as of July 2014

Hey everyone,

Today marks 38 weeks in my pregnancy and I am certainly feeling it by this stage :) Bubs is lowered and I can feel his/her arrival will not be too far away.

I am very much appreciating my quiet time with my girl, before we have another addition to the household.
We had a little shopping trip today to a local electrical store where I purchased a new Camcorder. Something which I had been thinking about getting for a while. It will be perfect to document the kiddies special moments and will also improve the quality of my scrapbooking videos which was very poor.

I decided to 'christen' the camera by doing a Scrapbook Room tour on my YouTube channel

Here are the 'rusty' videos of my new room space. I did not pre-plan these vids so my room is pretty much as it is, nothing was tidied in preparation for the filming. So it is as it is, real :)

I had to upload in two parts due to YouTube restrictions.



I find I am always changing and adapting my organisation to suit my needs. I love watching other room tours on YouTube and pinning scrapbook room ideas. It is always great to see what others do and see ideas for things that may work for me. 

I'm happy to answer any questions, just leave a comment here or on my YouTube comment feed if you have any :)

I'll be back soon with more shares, including a process video for Glitz Design (pre new camera).

Take care, xxx


Kellie said...

Oh look at that baby belly! You look amazing. Your room is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Loved your room tour and miss Charlotte is such a little sweetie!
Good luck with bubs arrival xx

Penny Lane said...

Thank you for the room tour, I loved watching it and really like your scrapping space! And your Australian accent is so absolutely charming! :)

Good luck with your new baby, too!