I'm a 2015 Jot Girl!

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year to all my visitors :) I hope you all had a lovely chrissy and wishing everyone the best for the year to come.

I am posting today as I realised I had not shared my exciting news with everyone! As of January 1st, I am a Jot Magazine Girl again. I cannot tell you how absolutely excited this makes me and I am so excited to get stuck into the year ahead with all things 'jot'.

I join the team amongst some absolutely amazing creatives and I really am pinching myself that my name is on this list. So many people I have looked up to in this industry and been inspired by. 

Yvette Adams
Anna Allan
Sheree Forcier
Amanda Hall
Lauren Hender
Kim Jeffress
Sharmaine Kruijver
Lisa Pate
Mardi Winen
Meaghann Andrew
Raquel Bowman <- div="" me="" thats="">
Loredana Bucaria
Aimee Dow
Natalie Elphinstone
Jamie Pate
Janna Werner
Jodie York
Leanne Allinson
Petra Corcoran
Beshka Kueser

In more Jot News the latest mood board is now up on the Jot Magazine blog. I have this 'in creation' on my desk at the moment.

You can see the board and enter in more detail here 

Thanks for visiting, I will back with a creative share very soon!

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