How do you store your dies?

Hey everyone,

Raquel here today with a question for you all. I have been building my stash of Sizzix dies and finding that my current storage option, although cute, is not going to be long lasting. I posed the question on Social Media:

I've had a few ideas shared with me already which I will share here now:

Sandra Scott I started with them in a container with binder rings to keep nestabilities in place, then I put them on magnetic sheets on the wall so I'd use them - now some back in containers, some on magnetic sheets in DVD cases and larger case from Officeworks, others in a zipped pouch. All over the place really!!!

Karen James Oh yes you will 😃. Magnetic sheets and plastic sleeves, had to ditch the packaging (although stored up in the attic just in case lol). Seen cool ideas where people havevery magnetic sheet on inside or outside of cupboard and all thin dies on their 😄, one day 

shimmerlifeMine is similar. Cute wire basket from Target .... insert dies.... = done. I think I will need a better solution soon ☺️

I have found from my searching from Pinterest that not one solution suits all! I love the idea of storing them on magnetic sheets, but I think for now a basket....or two will have to do.


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