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Clint and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our gorgeous little girl 'Charlotte Ruby' - Born on 5th October weighing a healthy 7.5pounds.

The weeks gone have been filled with cuddles, tears (from everyone), dirty nappies, infections, appointments and many smiles.

Now I see what everyone was talking about when they said the birth of your child will change your life! Yes, mine changed the instant she came into this world. It's amazing the love that you can feel for something so small that has only just come into your life. Do not know what we would do without her now, and although it's proved hard at times already (late nights, no sleep, troubles feeding), she is now our world and we will always do whatever we can to make sure that she is happy.

Here are some pictures of her journey so far. Coming to scrapbook pages one day - lol. When I have time for me-

After she was born.

Before her first bath

First bath at the hospital -

Proud mummy-

No sleep was beginning to take its toll - snuggle time

Starting to enjoy baths :)

Looks so small in her BIG BED

Cheeky face -

Tried to avoid it - but we welcomed Mr Dummy - has helped to settle her when she has pains.

Loving bath time now! So content after too - thinking we may need to try this when she is hard to settle at night.

With all that hair she can rock a headband! 12 days old here.

She pulls the funniest faces lately - our lil fish face - 2 weeks old

Hands always by her head while sleeping if she is not swaddled.

So quiet and content after her bath again. Looking more and more like her Daddy just take away the dark hair.

Loves a snuggle and sucking her fingers.

Sometimes will fill herself to the brim lol.

So there you have it. Our little girl. She is definitely keeping me from creating at the moment - but boy when I have time to create, look at all the gorgeous photos I can use, lol.

Looking forward to sharing more soon.

Oh also, if you were interested in the October 'A Piece of Cake Designs' kit - I only have 2 left so you will need to get in quick.

Take care xx
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