New York - day 3, 30th Dec

Flight from Beijing to New York City Gee, I had certainly forgotten how long a plane flight can feel! The plane itself was a little disappointing as it had no inflight entertainment built into our seats! For a thirteen hour flight, just crazy! The anticipation throughout the flight was building, I was bursting to firstly get out of the plane, but also to get just a glimpse of New York City!!!! Wow is all I can say!! We arrived in new York around 1.30pm and all we wanted to do was have a shower, change and go looking around. However customs and border control had other ideas and it was around three before we got to the buses. We caught a bus from the airport to a stop close to our hotel. The minute that we got onto the airport bus we could see the drivers here love their horns and are just a little crazy! It was very exciting and I managed to snap a quick shot of the first yellow taxi we saw.

Once at our hotel, which seems to be clean and comfortable (just what we needed) we headed into times square which was only two blocks away. Wow! This place is incredible and nothing quite like I expected. It was soo busy but very cool and certainly worth tackling the crowds for. We decided to just wander with no specific destination in are some pics from our day....

This was dinner, two appetizers! Would you believe it!

M and M world - pretty cool but a but sad how much you could get that was M & M branded (everything but the kitchen sink)

Just a selfie ..

This was cool to see- massive billboard

I'll try and share our day three as soon as I can... - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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