New York-30th December

30th December New York We woke up and got ourselves dressed ate breakfast and headed off on a big day of walking. We worked out that we walked for like seven hours straight today with no breaks, eating/drinking as we walked and still not seeing even a quarter of the city. We wandered around the helps kitchen area, times square, broadway, union square, Madisson square gardens. Central park, and heaps more places too. Times Square was just as amazing during the day as it was the night before. I did not take as many photos today on my phone as I used my bigger camera to take pics. We went into the Toys R Us - this was the BIGGEST toy store I have ever seen, and by biggest I don't just mean the most toys but also the coolest things. I mean this place had a real ferris wheel in the middle of it, wonka/candy bar, a life size Barbie house, etc. Very, very cool....and I managed to find a cabbage patch with this name - very crazy!

Then we walked along 7th avenue to Central Park. This place must be huge and we have decided to visit and explore properly another day. After central park we decided to head towards Madisson Avenue and have a look there.....we also saw Bryant park on the way and Madisson Square Gardens. We also wandered around Grand Central Station .... Amazing place and so beautiful - its hard to believe that it is a working station.

We had a look in shops along the way including Macy's which was very cool and had lots of things on sale (nothing brought though, I was a good girl).

We headed to union square which had a Green Market and a Barnes and Noble which I was excited about visiting as I had read about it in books. I managed to pick up a copy of the new UK magazine 'Scrap 365' and I LOVED it. It reminded me a lot of the French magazine I get created by Celine Navarro called 'Entreartistes Magazine' except this one, I can actually read as it is written in English. We also picked up a New York guide book which broke down sightseeing here into areas/suburbs to help us make sure we see and do all we should here. Tomorrows plans are to visit a couple of markets, Central Park more and then head to a couple of shops I am keen on seeing 'Michaels' and 'Century 21' before we head back to the hotel for our NYE preparations in the heart of Times Square. We have booked a place in a restaurant on 7th avenue for the night so will will get a feed, have drinks and have a view of the ball drop! So excited! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you both. You have been busy seeing a lot of things already. Hope you had a good New Years Eve @ times square. I slept in the new year. Very hot here again today. Keep enjoying your holiday.
Love Grandma.xo

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year To you both! I hope you enjoyed New Years in Times Square. I love reading your Blog & seeing what you are up to. Sounds exhausting but fun! Looking forward to your next update. Stay safe & have fun. Love A.Rhonda xoxoxo