6th January - 2012 - New York

Well, today was a fun day. This morning we made a trip here...

Some of you may recognize it from these :)

Yes, we made the trip uptown to visit the diner featured in Seinfeld :) It is only the external part of the diner that is shown on the show - but it sure was fun to get some photos out the front and eating inside!

Although it was uptown and not in a 'tourist' area, there were a few people doing the same thing as us there. We then headed down to the southern point of Manhattan to South Port. Which had good views of the Brooklyn Bridge, which we had not yet seen.

We wandered around South Port for a while then headed back towards our hotel. Tonight we went to see this on Broadway :)

These pics I borrowed from Google to tell our story ...

Heading to the seating

The theatre

Cast of our show

Was a fantastic show and the whole day was a really nice way to end our New York stay! Tomorrows agenda - bus to Washington DC. Take care, xxx Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Anonymous said...

You Lucky Girl! I would Love to see The Lion King On Broadway! Stay Safe & Happy Travels. Love A.Rhonda xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

You cetaiaily had another very busy & exciting day. Have a safe trip to Washington & look forward to hearing all about your travels there. Love Grandma. xo