4th and 5th January - USA Trip

4th January So yesterday we had a bit of a lazy morning and had a little sleep in. We then got up and headed towards Soho, stopping at the HBO Shop on the way. I had wanted to visit the shop to see the True Blood and other TV series merchandise. We then headed towards, what I thought was going to be in Soho, CBGB Bar - however this had closed so nothing was there. A bit of a disappointing morning really. In the afternoon we had a reservation to attend the newly opened 9-11 Memorial on the site of the once twin towers. They have built two large memorial pools where the towers were, these pools have engraved in the outside the names of all those who passed. It's quite shocking to see all the names there, wow, really takes your breath away. The museum is not yet opened however, there is a visitors centre on site. The visitors centre has detailed information about the attacks but also some very moving footage from the survivors and the families of those who's passed. Also in the centre was a bike created by Paul Junior which was a fundraiser for the memorial...mi managed to get some photos of the bike, two OC related bikes in two days, Clint thought that was cool.

Site of new proposed towers

Near completion of a new tower

The bike

In the afternoon/night we went to our first NBA Game. Wow! The atmosphere was unreal and the whole game, including any intervals was such a big production. My photos really do not do our seats and view any justice as we had perfect view of the game from where we were. We watched the New York Knicks VS the Charlotte Bobcats. Was a good game but Charlotte won, quite easily really, they stayed in front the whole game.

Thats all to add for the 4th really....now onto today.... 5th January Today we had a bus tour of the TV and Movie sites around NY City. The trip went for three and a half hours and we saw sites such as the Friends house, Ghostbusters stations, I am Legend House, Cosby House and then heaps of other landmarks which were used for films and TV shows. Was a really fun and interesting tour. After the tour we went to the Rockefeller Centre and did their 'Top of the Rock' viewing tour. Basically, a lift takes you to the top of the centre to an observation deck. The views are amazing. On one side your have a perfect view of Central Park and on the other side a perfect view of the Empire State Building and surrounds (including a faint view of the Statue).

Tonight we decided to grab a bite to eat and go and watch a movie. We saw War Horse. Clint was more keen on this movie than I, however I ended up liking it more than him. If you're going to go, take your tissues!!! Anyways, looking forward to a good nights sleep! Take care, xxx - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Anonymous said...

Looks like much excitement..The Twin towers site would have been amazing.puts it all in perspective..enjoy your time and breathe in all the atmosphere .have you seen anyone famous yet?
mum xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi just saw today's blog on helens new toy. You seem to still have enough energy to keep going to all the places.. Keep enjoying yourselves &keep up the good work blogging. Love grandma.xoox

Anonymous said...

Hi 9/11 Site Must have been Incredibly Moving!
All the Boys are going to be very jealous over the B.Ball Game.
Continue to Stay Safe & Healthy.
Love A.Rhonda xoxoxo