Vegas in pictures - 12th to 14th Jan

Wow, not a lot I can say about this place! It's pretty incredible and amazing that a place like this exists,... With all ppl are allowed to do here I did not see one fight in a casino or bar.

Amazing facts about Vegas (in my words):
• You are allowed to consume alcohol on the street
• you can buy alcohol in one place (casino-bar) and then carry and drink it in another
• ppl can smoke in most places here
• they have like 2 litre souvenir glasses that you can buy and refill cheaply
• frozen drinks are awesome here
• people spend a lot of money here gambling
• the protocol of dress for young girls seems to be something that just covers their you know what !! Luckily for the world I didn't follow those rules
• said girls above seem to go to the makeup shops within complexes to do their makeup and get ready for the night out - taking full advantages of the 'tester' makeup
• there are lots of shops within the casinos
•it is easy to spend $$ in Vegas
• helicopter rides are awesome
• the grand canyon from a helicopter was one of the most amazing things I've ever done!
• heaps of street performers are in Vegas

Hmmm that's all my new learnings ....

Now for the pictures ;)

Thursday 12th January

This was in the walkway at the airport!!! mad!! :)

First hints of Vegas


Friday 13th January

Outlet shopping - no pictures

Saturday 14th January

Loved this one compared to the New York one

So funny

Aghhh ... Love Paris - so this was way cool

Bathrooms in 'Paris' casino

Canal with gondola rides inside the 'Venetian'

Shop sung about in Train song, lol

This store is awesome but $$


He loves it!

Night view

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Anonymous said...

Las Vages seemed a great place but I hope that it didn,t corrupt you both & im sure that you enjoyed your helicopter ride. Keep enjoying yourselves. It has been very hot here last 2 days 35 deg. but I survived O.K. Love Grandma. xoxo

Anonymous said...

How Amazing are those Casino's! I hate to think how much money they must have cost to build.Stay safe & Keep Having Fun. Love You Heaps Aunty Rhonda xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I posted the same photo in the airport, it blows my mind that you can gamble while waiting for a flight. Loved the drink glasses and made all of the observations that you did. Did you get to go out on the rim at the Canyon, it's my one regret that i didn't do it and since i've been back, i've heard it's spectacular. Did you see any shows?

Anonymous said...

Hi you two WOW! what a place pleased you enjoyed it and that you did the flight in thr helicopter braver than me I don't do domestic planes very well no way I would have done it but I dont have that adventurous streek.M and ms will always be a reminder of this awesome trip,you will be able to remember your fun times each time you see a packet. loves yas Margie xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi U 2 sweethearts

MM stands for making mabies does IT !!!???????

Nothing like having a MM in every town.

talking to mum PM & finding out about your adventure of a lifetime, WOW & WOW !! thanks again for the happy shots, but you are right ! pictures don't tell the whole story do they.

Hugs to you both

J & M - Quess !!!