Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2nd January - New York

Today we decided to explore the southern end of New York .... By foot of course, just seems to be the way we go. We started with walking towards Chelsea, which had this funky market space in an old warehouse building. The shops inside sold boutique foods - very cute.

We then headed past the meat packing district and Greenwich Village. Another two funky areas. We spent the majority of our time in Soho.....we managed to find the shop where New York Ink is filmed which was pretty cool. We also had a look in lots of other shops including the DC shop for Clint, although no purchases made there. After wandering around Soho we had a look around the areas of Little Italy and China Town. Little Italy was quite a small area but we did stop and have a quick break (we walk a lot and pretty much don't stop until its dark) and have a coffee (hot choc for the boy) and share a New York Cheesecake - apparently a must try in NYC.

We walked home along Broadway. I always thought this was a small strip/street but it actually runs right through NYC, pretty much from top to bottom! Along Broadway, I took Clint into a Scholastic shop, much to his delight! I found a couple of cool teaching resource books and went to pay for them at the register. The girl informed me that teachers get 50% off teacher resource books so I ended up getting three folks for like $18 USD....couldn't believe it. Anyways, we headed back past Macy's - had a quick wander inside

Then past Times Square to a little what seemed like a New York Diner where we had a bit of comfort food ...

Then it was home to the hotel...think all the recent events knocked me for six, as I have a bad head cold and just not been feeling right since - so was an early night. Looking forward to sharing more soon......plans are to head to the lady herself, the Statue of Liberty! Take care, xxx - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Anonymous said...

Hope you Feel Better Soon Sweetie! Mixture of a Cold. Jet Lag & New Years Eve,Hell of a Big Combo! Looking forward to next Blog Love u Heaps A.Rhonda xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Sound like u ha seen a lot and are having a great time... Hope u feeling better soon .. Yes a combo of a lot of things .. Looking forward to next up date .. Be safe big hugs ... Helen xxxxx

Anonymous said...

ou are certainly seeing a lot of New York & doing a lot of walking it will keep you both fit. Hope you feeling better soon. Keep up the updates. Love Grandma. xo