New Years Eve and New Years Day

New Years Eve and New Years Day Today we spent the day wandering around Central Park - this place is so big ! On the map it looks large but nothing like it was once we started wandering ... It was pretty much another day of wandering, we visited a couple of markets, where i got this amazing little baby a bit of a splurge but I'm in love!

Also we found a Michaels (art and craft store) and then headed back to our hotel to get ready for the big night. We had booked a meal, drinks and entertainment at an Irish restaurant in the heart of times square. Boy, a big night is an understatement! I have learned now that martinis, whiskey wine and champagne are not really a good mix for me! So the night was great, food was great, entertainment great and atmosphere was crazy! Soo many people in the one space it was mad, I got a little worried as we were trying to head home after our walk and we had trouble getting past the police barricades, they thought we had wanted to get into the square not go through it. However, by the time we walked into the restaurant things were much better organized and although busy we were able to get into Times Square and out of Times Square relatively easy. Here's our night in pictures.... hmm you can see how the night ended, which indicates that I was a VERY SICK PUPPY New Years bed and I'll until after ten pm the next day, I'm still not fully recovered....BUT .... it was fun!

A lemon cover, we hadn't seen one before ha

Started to go downhill or some would say liven up here ;)

Last picture of the night ! Says it all really - haha - don't remember this at all, apparently I told them they were hot .

So due to the above circumstances .... Nothing to report for New Years Day haha More scrapping shares soon ;) and another daily update! Happy New Year to All my readers

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Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself Sweetie! It's Lovely to see you both looking so Happy! Tell Clinton I love his Tiara, Very cute! Uncle Glenn has a nice Blue one he wore on NY's Eve. Stay Happy & Healthy, Looking very much forward to your next post! Love You HEAPS A.Rhonda xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Pleased that you had a good night out & enjoyed the atmosphere. Too bad that you werent too well on new years day but hopefully recovered now & enjoying more sights. Love to you both Grandma. xo.